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Vergenet Certificate Authority

This is an expermmental Certificate Authority (CA) used to sign keys used with TLS/SSL from November 2005

Certificate: ca-cert.crt
Certificate Revocation List (CRL): ca-crl.crt

Vergenet Certificates TLS/SSL Certificate for POP3S and IMAP4S access
Fingerprint: D8:9B:12:9E:9C:0A:CA:4E:62:26:A7:44:8C:BB:21:E6:D9:8A:B5:C
Certificate: TLS/SSL Certificate for HTTPS access
Fignerprint: 58:2E:E0:7E:F5:0D:AE:28:45:E7:ED:B5:EB:E1:6E:DA:9F:95:2E:85
Certificate: TLS/SSL Certificate for SMTP AUTH access
Fignerprint: 23:6C:43:3A:4D:B3:E3:82:B5:77:73:C6:EA:6D:D3:8D:D7:94:FB:D3
Certificate: TLS/SSL Certificate for SMTP AUTH access
Fignerprint: 53:F7:1C:87:6B:E7:26:AF:C2:4D:2B:51:1B:9A:CA:78:03:C4:4A:AA


The above certificate authority, certificate revolcation list and certificates have been checksumed and signed with the key of Horms.

To verify the signature using gpg run: gpg --verify checksums.asc checksums

Checksums: checksums
Signature of checksums: checksums.asc

Horms' Key

Used to sign the checksums above. It is available here and on key servers as id 0x05410E97.

Fingerprint: B2F9 C5E3 1377 1B0D C8B0 F6B5 03C0 023E 0541 0E97
Key: 05410E97.gpg

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