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Current version: 0.0.7 Released: Sat May 8 12:44:04 EST 1999

Express is an open source web browser. It is written for the Gnome desktop project.

Express aims to be a full-featured web browser; however it will do this with extensive plugin support, so it is basically as lightweight as you need. I am now working on the plugin design - basically all major functions will be accessible as plugins: viewers for various mime-types, scripting languages, and handlers for socket layers and protocols. This will help curb bloat and encourage parallel development, and allow existing code to be easily incorporated (eg. open source image loaders, Java VM and VRML displayer).


Sat May 8 1999 Express 0.0.7 Released
Updates: now uses automake, and the way temp files are created was changed. Express is also being packaged for Debian. Mon Apr 5 1999 Express 0.0.6 Released
Express 0.0.6 has been updated to compile against Gnome-1.0 and Gtk+-1.2.


Screenshots are available of the current and previous versions of Express.


You will need the gtk-xmhtml widget, which is part of the gnome-libs package, available with the rest of Gnome at

Express is available from:


Express is distributed under the GNU Public License. Development is encouraged. Please send patches to Also, feel free to send me pixmaps or anything else you think might be handy :)

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Check the todo list for info on pending fixes.

Thanks to:

If you can't code but have some cool ideas for browser features, let me know. Here's some excellent ideas from Guillermo S. Romero about browser design, with great features like improved cache and history control, and fine control of java, javascript and cookies. Also, some great ideas from Roger Espel Llima about user control and security. Have a read, especially if you intend on working on any of this stuff.


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Here's some quick links to related standards documentation and software.


Send any comments or suggestions to me, Conrad Parker at

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