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1998: Check out AUBE, a whole new way of making noise :)

maube is stalled - try one of my new projects:


AUBE is a system for realtime sound generation and processing.

Keg Tracker

Keg Tracker is a GTK-based tracker, in development with Peter Ryland.



maube [pronounced "MOBY"] is the first music module tracker/editor for X11. Like all good software, maube is covered by the GNU Public License.



Seedy feature list:

Version 0.10.4 (Released 30 Sep 1997):
  • aube is an audio playback and control library, which forms the core functionality of maube. Its design goal is to provide a fine control of audio playback and display interfacing, for use in trackers, games, demos, and any other programs requiring precise audio control.
  • maumodd is (currently) a simple command line mod player, which uses the aube library to do the real work. Consequently maumodd is effectively one line of code long :)
  • improved playback
  • 8 bit support: 8 bit support now works, implemented as a #define in aube/aube_internal.h
0.10.3 (Released 15 July 1997):
  • saube (pronounced like "sorbet"), is the new sample editor, introduced (minimally) in version 0.10.1.
  • soia (the Self Organising Interface Attenuator) is the graphical interface library I am developing for and in parallel with maube. soia has not quite completely detached itself from maube but is in the process of doing so, and will soon be ready for incorporation into other applications. It is currently pretty basic, providing most of the usual widget-type components, and does not in any way "self organise" yet, although you can drag panels around which is pretty funky if you're bored.
0.10.2 (Released at some random UNSW Linux Party):
  • Loads XM, MOD, S3M
  • Loads raw samples (what? out of date screenshot? never!)
  • Saves XM
  • Defaults to 162 bpm (Other trackers default to 125 bpm because it is the MOD standard ... unfortunately I like my music a little harder :)
  • All the functions you can see in these screenshots work ... as do a few you can't see here!
  • Movable button panels (ie. click on the green bits and drag the panels around ...). maube's interface is written from scratch in Xlib "because I can" and because no existing widget set does what I want. Not *yet* :)
  • Rude messages when you hold your mouse over certain buttons
  • Big blank purple bits

nuff said...

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