Conrad Parker

Speedmine and Speedworm

Speedmine and Speedworm are screensavers for the X Window System. They are free software and ship with XScreenSaver versions 3.33 and higher.


Down the speedmine, you'll find speed
to satisfy your moving needs;
So if you're looking for a blast
then hit the speedmine, really fast.

Speedworm loves you.

Speedworm likes to bump and grind
and chase her tail, and dance around
she really is a funky friend;
she's made of speed from end to end.

To activate Speedworm run speedmine -worm. For a full list of options, see the Speedmine man page.

You need XScreensaver >= 3.33 to get Speedmine.

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Speedmine features realtime fractal terrain and tunnel generation, with some hacked-up light source shading, random curvature and twisting. For a good time, read the source: speedmine.c

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