<-Note: This is not a picture of me. This is, in fact, a picture of a ferret.
This whole site is mainly a vehicle for the composites section and the poolroom - i.e. stuff that other people on the web might be interested in or amused by. Like most personal web sites, a lot of it is shameless self-promotion. Deal with that however you see fit.
Anyway, here is some personal info and related smud.

26(ish), live in Randwick, East of Sydney, follower of Jesus, married to Claire (without a doubt my "better half") which has the benefit of living with a physio. PhD student in Composites at UNSW. Skater. Owner of psychotic black death cat. Wearer of pants (often) and founding & retiring president (read: Figurehead Looney) of UNSW Slarken society (1995 - 1997~ish).
So there you go.

Some lunatic (...okay, it was Ferlito) set up a page that catalogues all my signatures from the Slarken mailing list. Take a look if you're
a) Bored
b) Clinically deranged

The Brewing Room in our old Denistone house.
From 1996 - 98 this was the thriving centre of the Little Black Cat brewery, producing such fine beverages as:
Grind City Bitter
Rice Draught (brewed Dutch style with rice)
Haitzler (a 9% alc. Pilsner, named after Raster's intense German father)
Calompy-Bomp Dark Ale (Claire commissioned that one)
Dendrite Bitter and
Pond Scum Cider (with a jelly frog in every bottle) - the name was from a quote from "Amazon Women on the Moon". Best not to ask.

The Little Black Cat Brewery has been recommissioned mid 2001- centre of operations initially in Hornsby, temporarily in Sth Turramurra, but now in Randwick. Some of the beverages to date:
Hebblethwaite ginger beer
Yatala mid-strength lager (in recognition of my tour of the CUB brewery at Yatala, QLD).
Pennard Ale, a full-bodied English style ale in recognition of Pennard Castle, Sth Wales.
Uberwald pilsner
Amersfoort dutch-style lager (Dad's hometown)

The LBCB is also be producing mead.
Dry Mead and
Zadarnowski - sweeter mead in the Polish tradition, in recognition of Pat, who introduced me to the whole mead thing.

Miscellaneous Pictures:
Here is an amusing pic from when I was writing my honours thesis............ three weeks I would rather forget. Those Uzbeks know how to make good hats.
Take a look at the ultra-stylish bedroom of the Denistone house ("Duffhame"). Our new house has nowhere for my swords.

Picture of a ferret?
If you're wondering about the significance of the ferret, I spent most of my first year lectures with horms compiling a list of small furry animals. Ever since, I have had a strong obsession with stoats, ferrets and meerkats.
That is all. Nothing to see here. Move along now.

Oh, alright, here's a picture of me with Trevor: 

The chicks dig it.