The Poolroom

Inspired by the movie ‘The Castle’:

"That is going straight to the poolroom.."

Random gear that is too good or too wacked to even take out of the box.

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My sister Kate sent me this bumper sticker from England. I reckon it's heaps mad eh!

7 bucks! (courtesy of the Crazy Pole at SLI)

This is just plain rad.

State-mandated eels:
New technology:
Cryptic crosswords
Don't show fear, he can smell fear.

Speaking of fear......

K + alcohol + women's clothing + soap shoes  Canberra + 4 idiots + Hair clippers

It's a Barrel o' fun!  Insurance.

Makes no sense, but it clearly belongs in the poolroom.  (image is from the Institute of Official Cheer - see link below)

While this is quite clearly NOT RIGHT

And while we're in the realm of bad taste,
Fetch the lino, honey. We're redecorating!
And grab some spraypaint and stencils while you're there...
or maybe some  TARTAN!!

[interior desecration images are from]

Oh nasty

Snippets from the warped mind of K



It's the cool & smart!! You must check it!!   (links to another site)


Heres one for the ladies

The third drawer down is always full of random junk. Have a rummage through

Poolroom ring

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